Best Free Bitcoin Mining Sites In 2020

Best Free Bitcoin Mining Sites In 2020

Bitcoin mining has become a trend now. Investors are interested in investing their money in bitcoins. There is a lot of risk in this type of investment, but the return is massive if you get lucky. The leading problem investors are now facing is to find a secure site on which they can rely to mine bitcoins. Usually, they get cheated by fraud sites and lose their money.

Scam sites offer easy money and good returns to attract investors. But be aware of them. You can lose a considerable amount of money on these sites.

Let us suggest some good and certified sites where you can mine bitcoins or earn bitcoins for free without any worry:

1. Hitmine

Hitmine is one of the most trusted sites for free bitcoin mining. They provide the fastest and secure mining services to their customers for free. Their platform is always updated with new technologies for a better experience.

It is a well-managed site, they use SHA-256 algorithm security services for their data that keep their data centers highly secured. They provide a free service and do not charge any maintenance fee. They provide a 20% affiliate bonus to every miner which can increase up to 100%.

2. Easyminer

It is one of the most recommended sites in the world for mining bitcoins for free. You can start mining on this platform as an easy miner for free. It is an open-source site so you can also customize it as per your requirements. 

This mining platform supports the getwork mining protocol as well as the stratum mining protocol. It is a site where data of the miners are properly secured using Rubin SSD servers, so it’s impossible to hack your account. This site provides real-time charts and statistics of the cryptocurrencies. 

3. Okex  

Okex is the leading cryptocurrency exchange site in the world. Security of the customers is the first priority for them, they provide a reliable environment to the miners for mining bitcoin without having the fear of getting hacked.

They take feedback from the customers and try to improve their platform for improving the customer’s experience and to attract more miners to their site.

They offer free bitcoin on registration and also through referral rewards if one of your friends registers to their site using your referral code.

4. Blockfi

It is one of the most trusted sites on financial services done through bitcoins. It was founded in 2017, and since then they are offering the best service to the customers who have registered to their sites. They have an advanced security system that protects the data from hackers.

They offer free bitcoins on registering and also through referral earnings. They offer a marvelous experience to the miners who use their platform.

Summing Up

These are the sites to rely on if you are planning to mine your money in bitcoins. They are trusted and fully secured, and your investments will be safe here. Do your research and see which of these sites are charging you less brokerage and start mining bitcoins.

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